Services We Offer

Childhood Immunisations

If you’re not sure whether you or your child has had all their routine vaccinations, ask one of the practice nurses to find out for you. It may be possible to “catch up” later in life.

Click here for a checklist of the vaccines that are routinely offered to everyone in the UK for free on the NHS, and the ages at which they should ideally be given.

Flu /Pneumococcal/Shingles Vaccinations

Flu vaccinations are available each year for those at risk; patients over 65 years of age, diabetics, severe asthmatics and those suffering with chronic heart or lung conditions and renal problems.

Pneumococcal injections are available free under the NHS to patients over 65 years of age and to patients ‘at risk’ 

You can have the shingles vaccination at any time of year. The shingles vaccine is given as an injection into the upper arm.

Appointments must be booked through the reception team.

Family Planning and Contraceptive Services

The surgery is able to offer full contraceptive services and provide any advice or guidance that you may require.  



Cervical Smear Screening

In line with health authority policy, we recommend a smear every five years from aged 25 until aged 65, unless greater frequency is advised. To ensure maximum accuracy, if you still menstruate, it is advisable to have a smear taken between 10 and 14 days from the first day of bleeding. Call us at the beginning of your period to enable us to secure an appointment for the appropriate days.

Dressings and Leg Ulcer Clinic

Managed by our Practice Nurses we offer compression dressings, leg ulcer care and suture removal. 



Minor Illness Clinic

Our minor illness clinics and on the day emergencies are supported by our Emergency Care Team and GPs.



Home Visits

If you are housebound or cannot get to the Surgery and need a home visit it is important to call before 11.00. Our Emergency Care Team will contact you to arrange a home visit if necessary.



Palliative Care Support

The Emergency Care Team have a direct line for palliative care patients so that urgent end of life care is not delayed. Please contact reception for further details. 



Asthma and Respiratory Clinic

We offer specialist reviews and clinics for asthma and lung problems. 



Memory Assessment Clinic

Provided by our HCA's, if you are concerned about yourself or a relative contact reception to book in for a memory assessment. 



Diabetes Clinic

Supported by our Clinical Pharmacists we offer reviews and check ups for patients with diabetes. 



Mental and Neurological Health Clinic

We offer check ups and monitoring for patients with mental health and neurological problems. 



Cardiovascular Disease Clinic

Managed by our Clinical Pharmacists we offer check ups for patients with high blood pressure, heart disease and a history of strokes. 





INR and Blood Test Clinic

The Practice Nursing Team provides INR (warfarin) and blood test clinics at all of our three surgeries.