Covid-19 Vaccination

Covid-19 Vaccination

We are offering our patients the Covid-19 vaccination at Danbury Medical Centre.

We are following the Public Health England guidance and offering the vaccine to patients in cohorts. 

We are calling and texting patients to book these appointments.

Please do not call the surgery to book. 

We will contact you by text when it is time for your second vaccine (8 weeks after your first vaccine). It is important that you attend your second appointment when you have been contacted as we do not know when the next delivery of these vaccines will happen. This is not in our control.

Please be patient with us during this busy time.

Please be assured that we never have wasted vaccines at the end of clinics. 


If you would like to volunteer to help during our vaccination clinic please follow the link below to submit an online form;

Volunteers are required to fill the following roles:

  • Meet and greet
  • Car park stewards
  • Admin roles*
  • Administering of vaccines*

*Relevant experience is required for these roles - e.g a clinical background or retired clinician 

Yellow Card Scheme

You can report suspected side effects of vaccines and medicines through the Yellow Card scheme.
You can do this online by visiting the Coronavirus Yellow Card or by downloading the Yellow Card app.


Following the current guidance if you have had an immediate and severe allergic reaction to any vaccine, medicine or food (anaphylaxis) unfortunately the current vaccine may not be safe for you. 

We will continue to review safety information of the current and any future vaccines and you may be contacted again if a suitable and safe vaccine is available.

When we call you to book the vaccine you can ask any questions about allergies you have or on the day a clinician is available to answer your questions.

Please do not telephone or email the surgery asking advice about your allergies for your future vaccine as safety information may change.

Requests for earlier vaccination due to booked holidays and accessing vaccine passes

The current national guidance is that all second doses should be given at least 8 weeks apart unless there is a clinical reason for it to be given any earlier. This will give you the best possible protection which is especially important in the context of rising case rates and the delta variant.

The manufacturer recommended dose intervals were based on data at the time of the clinical trials; Public Health England and JCVI now have real world data from the billions of vaccinations given worldwide.

A booked holiday is not a clinical reason for earlier vaccination.

There is no obligation for practices to provide 'vaccine certificates' and patients have been discouraged from contacting practices about this. Please use the NHS App or 119 for this.

Alternative Locations

Some patients have already received letters and texts to book in for both their vaccines at alternative locations.

The surgery has no knowledge of the information regarding other vaccination centres or regarding the booking system.

Please note wherever you choose to have your first vaccine you must also receive the second vaccine with the same provider.


Carers wishing to receive the Covid-19 vaccine are now asked to call 119.

Please do not contact the surgery.


Housebound Patients

Housebound patients are being contacted for the vaccine.

We are calling and texting patients to book these appointments.

Please do not call or email the surgery to book.